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    Guofeng wood-plastic companies to sing the brand into the market

    Views: Date:2016-07-26

    In recent years, Guofeng wood-plastic company to brand building as the core, innovative products, improve quality, increase market development, enterprise sales rate continued to grow.

    Guofeng Wood Plastic is one of the largest producers of wood-plastic composites in Asia. The products are green and recyclable. They are the new materials with great support from the state. They have participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, , The London Olympic Games and the Rio Olympic Games and other major construction projects, with state-level technical centers, participated in a number of national industry-standard development. In the face of downward pressure from the economy, the Company took measures to increase output by 150% in the first half of the year. The sales volume increased by 14.4% year on year to achieve better results. All the indicators reached the best level in history. In recent years, Guofeng brand around the building, in the product, quality and focus on the market force, with innovative technology, quality products, good customer service to win trust and gradually form the core value of the brand.

    Product is the foundation of the brand. Guofeng wood-plastic companies continue to increase investment in research and development, focusing on research originality, leading, the market prospects of new products. Such as coated coextrusion wood-plastic profile both wood-plastic characteristics, but also beautiful appearance, sought after by the market, our package coextrusion WPC has formed a set of advanced processing technology, mastered the co-extrusion key technology And has been mass production, product performance indicators are leading industry standards; there are eight kinds of co-extruded fabric color on the market. According to customer demand for the development of a new type of wood-plastic floor buckle, not only beautiful, but also to avoid the wood-plastic materials to maximize the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the installation problems. The company presided over the development of "plastic-wood composite materials resistant to chlorine fastness test methods" industry standard will also be released. This year, the company for outstanding achievements in innovation, was named Hefei municipal industrial design center.
    Strengthen quality control, the establishment of equipment inspection system, through the advance maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment. Three-level training of staff, enhance the quality of consciousness, improve operational skills, strengthen self-inspection and regular inspection system, good process control, to ensure product quality. Through the organization of large customers with the strength of inspection, to ensure that sales orders by volume by volume.

    We re-products, re-brand, more heavy customers. For the stability of key customers, the company set up a full-time staff, timely coordination, tracking customer demand for large customers to provide satisfactory services, greatly improving the efficiency. At the same time, the company actively develop the domestic market, pay close attention to major projects, and the major domestic enterprises to exchange and strengthen brand building, optimizing products, enhance quality and strengthen market development, the company look new, more and more product sales, Laying the foundation for future long-term development.

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