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    Warmly congratulate the country through the city of Hefei City Wood Plastic Industrial Design Center identified

    Views: Date:2016-05-12

    Industrial design level is an important manifestation of industrial innovation capacity, is to promote the transformation and upgrading of industries is essential. According to "Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center that the management approach (Trial)" requirements, the expert review by the validation, Anhui Guofeng Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., 91 Hefei municipal industrial design center (enterprise).

    In recent years, the country continue to increase the wood-plastic R & D, design investment, Guofeng wood-plastic project has been listed as the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department of major research projects, Hefei "1346" Action Plan, Anhui Province, "861" project, Anhui Province "115 innovative team" construction projects, the National Development and Reform Commission focused on supporting the project. The company was rated as state-level high-tech enterprises, state-level enterprise technology center. The company has participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition, the London Olympic Games and other major construction projects.

    Guofeng Wood Plastic has always been the core value of scientific and technological research and development, especially in recent years to continuously strengthen the construction of enterprise technology design center, and major universities to establish production and research cooperation, extensively absorb talents, and Beijing Chemical Industry Universities, Anhui University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other high scientific research institutions work closely with 14 well-known international wood-plastic technology and equipment manufacturing company comprehensive technical exchanges, has now formed its own core technology, has four patents for inventions, 12 utility model Patents and 23 appearance authorized patents, presided over the development of the domestic industry's first wood-plastic standards.

    The adoption of the "Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center finds that" is a recognition of our work, look to the future we will continue to accelerate the technical design center of innovation capacity building, research and development more suitable for consumers to use high-tech environmental health Wood plastic products.

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