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    Canton Fair: Song Millennium wind, the era of plastic style! Guofeng wood plastic!

    Views: Date:2016-04-22

    Anhui Guofeng Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. in April 2016 to April 20 to participate in the Canton Fair.

    Anhui Guofeng General Manager Jia Hongling led the delegation to the domestic and foreign customers to showcase the company's latest products and communicate with customers.

    Foreign customers to consult the staff


    Parts of the company exhibits


    Anhui Guofeng Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. with the current Canton Fair to domestic and foreign customers to fully demonstrate the company's products and leading products produced by the process, and affirmed by domestic and foreign customers. As one of the largest wood-plastic enterprises, the country has been adhering to the wood plastic: integrity-based, concentric struggle, efficient and pragmatic, and create excellent entrepreneurial spirit.

    Finally, thank domestic and foreign customers for a long time on the support and love of the country wood plastic, Guofeng WPC will have been honest and pragmatic for you!

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